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  Sam, 13 weeks Male Great Pyrennes  Mix
Sam Sam

Sam is an adorably playful, gentle 3 month old large breed puppy. He is estimated to be part Great Pyrennes, part Lab. He loves toys, playmates and romping along the waterís edge. Instead of eating his treats he will scurry off to hide them; who knows if he ever goes back for them! Sam has a fluffy soft coat and the warmest brown eyes. He will make some lucky family a wonderful companion for many years to come. Sam is doing nicely during his time indoors and he shows every indication of being easy and quick to master his house training skills. He does enjoy lots of time outdoors, but likes his naps on a soft doggy bed inside. He would love to have his forever family before the holidays. History: Sam and Colin are two Great Pyrennes puppies who were found by the side of the road in Indiana. Sadly enough Sam and his brother Collin were left to fend for themselves. Lucky for them a rescuer saw them, picked them up, and took them home. They were wet, muddy, cold, hungry and scared. The look in their eyes when they realized someone was showing them kindness was unforgettable. They ran to the woman as fast as their little legs could carry them and waited until they were picked up and placed inside the warm car. They have been the most enjoyable puppies and deserve a home filled with all they never had in the beginning of their young lives. Sam is the longer haired pup and Colin is the short haired. An application will help to speed the process.Sam needs a stay-at-home family, not a working family, or he would be miserable just sitting in a crate waiting for you to come home on your lunch hour and then after a brief break putting him back in the crate. That just would not work for this pup. Families with young children are required to have a physical fence, no exceptions. If you already have an application with us, please just send an email to If you donít have an application already, then itís best to fill one out before you lose out. These pups will be shown on 12/15 and if not spoken for, then also on 12/16. Hours on weekends are 12-3 PM.